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Air Charter

Turn to Air Freight Services for our trusted air charter brokerage services throughout North America and around the world.

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Air Freight

We'll provide same day and next day delivery of urgent shipments nationwide.

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Expedited Transportation

Air Freight Service is the best solution for all your expedited shipments.

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Express Trucking

Express Trucking is a premium freight brokerage service. We can get your freight moving by using trucking companies with expedited trucks and vans operating throughout the United States and Canada.

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Freight Charter

Air Freight Service provides air charter services: When your cargo must fly

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About Air Freight Service, a freight broker

Every day, millions of packages and freight are shipped across the country – but yours is the most important. As daily business needs and the level of competition continually increase, you need a logistics partner that keeps up. The solution is Air Freight Service. As an experienced freight broker, Air Freight Service arranges superior air freight, air charter and ground rush freight throughout North America, no matter what kind of cargo you’re shipping. Although Air Freight Service specializes in arranging express air freight, we control your shipment through the entire logistics chain – from start to finish.

Efficient logistics is the key to a successful delivery. Air Freight Service delivers a competitive edge with its experienced agents, years of experience, industry connections, the latest tracking technology, and an extensive network of air and ground carriers.


As the best express delivery service, Air Freight Service, ensures the success of your shipments through the following critical components:

  • Safety – goods and finished products must be delivered in perfect condition.
  • Speed – uninterrupted delivery via multiple transport channels across the country.
  • Accessibility – round-the-clock customer service and detailed tracking information, regardless of the size of your shipment.
  • Convenience – request your shipment by phone or online with simple, straightforward instructions and affordable terms.
  • Cost-effective – transport your freight at no extra cost, using a wide range of services to suit your budget.

In business, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. Let’s learn more about your express shipping and logistics partner: Air Freight Service.

Our Freight Broker Services

Air Freight Service, is an efficient freight broker, Air Freight Service takes a responsible approach to the entire freight process. We provide access to a comprehensive network of air and ground carriers, giving you the most comprehensive choice of air freight, without the hassle of calling for multiple quotes. The size and speed of your shipment is matched to the air carrier with the perfect aircraft, eliminating the risk of loss and reducing costs.

If timing makes it impossible for you to take advantage of a scheduled flight, your goods can be transported using an air charter. You can trust Air Freight Service to deliver your shipment from the moment you call until your shipment reaches its final destination – Air Freight Service offers quality service and superior customer service – every time. Here’s how.

Air Cargo Broker Services

air cargoAir Freight Service, arranges express air freight, ensuring that we can ship any shipment within the United States, Canada or Mexico in a matter of hours. As a freight broker, we prefer to coordinate the services of multiple air cargo carriers to get your shipment from point A to point B, rather than maintaining our own fleet. 

This is the logistical power and know-how that Air Freight Service offers in all of its brokerage services. We carefully analyze air cargo schedules and have an in-depth understanding of global cargo routes. We scrutinize all airlines to find the right air cargo carrier for our clients. This critical business relationship benefits our customers through superior service, and most importantly, on-time arrival at your destination with your cargo intact. No matter how tight a deadline your customer has or how delicate your cargo is, we have the means and expertise to arrange for your cargo to arrive anytime, anywhere.

Air Charter Broker Services

cargo aircraft charterAir Freight Service organizes air charters, express air charters and international cargo charters, with short delivery time.   We offer air charter and global air charter brokerage services with minimal restrictions on size and weight, which is optimal for ultra-large and time-sensitive freight shipments that require on-time delivery.

Air Freight Service’ air charter brokerage services will enable your business to avoid restrictions that standard air freight simply can’t overcome. We’ll work with you to choose the best air charter option to suit your delivery goals, and we’ll follow every step of the way. Because of the large number of air carriers available for charter shipping, we have the ability to arrange for any aircraft – from a Cessna 406 to a Boeing 747-8F freighter.

Need more reasons to consider an air charter? With a charter you get:

  • The unique use of the optimal aircraft suitable for your cargo
  • The fastest method of transportation currently available
  • Our industry experience to find the right aircraft for your cargo.
  • Minmial restrictions on size of cargo
  • Round-the-clock access, support and service
  • Our global network allows us to deliver to and from anywhere on the planet.

Air Freight Broker Services

air cargoAir Freight Service brokerage services are an efficient and cost-effective way to consolidate your shipments.

Consolidating your shipments is a highly effective logistics strategy. It reduces shipping costs, expands delivery options, improves inventory control and reduces the likelihood of cargo damage. Companies of all types and sizes rely on freight consolidation services to optimize their logistics, maximize efficiency and minimize transportation time.


It has obvious advantages over other modes of transportation, including:

  • Time – air freight saves time and is much faster than sea and road freight.
  • Reliability – flights generally always have fixed arrival and departure times with minimal delays, making expedited air freight the most likely to arrive on time
  • Low insurance premiums – due to the short duration of transportation, insurance premiums for air freight are usually lower.
  • Security – air cargo transportation is strictly regulated by airport security, so the probability of theft or damage is extremely low.
  • Fewer waiting times – delays during air freight unloading and customs clearance are reduced.

Air freight broker services in Hawaii

air cargoMost expedited freight carriers claim to ship from coast to coast. But what if your shipment is headed to Hawaii? Air Freight Service offers a service to transport cargo on your schedule and provides fast service through its network of carriers, such as 24 hours to Oahu from any mainland destination and two days to any other Hawaiian island. Before you can say “Aloha!”, your shipment to or from Hawaii will have a single point of contact, and Air Freight Service will select an air carrier that will provide an aircraft that is the perfect size and speed for your air cargo shipment.

At Air Freight Service, we leverage our national network of air and ground transportation to Oahu and other islands to achieve a comprehensive solution. Why risk your time-critical materials or products on ships from the mainland or using consumer shipping methods that don’t offer the same level of assurance and quality as Air Freight Service? For critical shipments, we even have a local agent on the islands to oversee and handle all phases of your urgent or emergency delivery. Take advantage of “Hawaii time” by trusting Air Freight Service to organize all aspects of your delivery to the islands.

Expedited Transportation Broker Services

Organizing cargo shipments is only half the battle in logistics. You need to get your cargo to the airport and back – or maybe it doesn’t need to fly at all. In such cases, you can always use the brokerage services of Air Freight Service. We’ll provide full-capacity shipping to anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. This applies to palletized and containerized cargo, transportation of bulk liquids or temperature-controlled cargo. Air Freight Service will ensure your cargo is delivered by truckers with specialty equipment to provide you with rush shipping using a wide range of shipping options, including: Sprinter vans, small straight trucks, large straight trucks, and expedited full truck trains.

Air Freight Service provides the same exceptional features, coordinated logistics, tracking and customer service for its ground freight brokerage services as it does for its air freight brokerage services. Collectively, the carriers included in theAir Freight Service network have more than 50,000 tracked express delivery vehicles ready to go nationwide; that is, overland freight does not involve slow delivery. From cargo vans and sprinter vans to large straight trucks, an overland delivery solution with dedicated trucks for your shipment is available in just one call or click.

Express Trucking Broker Services

express truckingAnother option for ground express delivery from Air Freight Service has become an express shipping option. The company provides nationwide delivery of cargo within critical deadlines at the customer’s request. Express shipping is a premium freight broker service provided through Air Freight Service’ network of expedited motor carriers operating throughout the United States and Canada.

Overnight Freight Broker Services

air cargoIn any shipping situation, selecting options and implementing a plan is critical to logistical success. For this reason, Air Freight Service’ overnight freight brokerage services are the best solution for when your shipment needs to be delivered on time and tomorrow.

Your authorized agent will analyze and explain the best options for your specific cargo, and then will supervise overnight delivery, keeping you informed of all developments. Each of our agents has extensive experience in providing customized, efficient, overnight shipments, as well as cargo support and tracking, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire delivery process. You can confidently trust Air Freight Service and count on us to deliver the results you demand from your logistics partner.

Air Freight Service organizes a variety of overnight services, including:

  • Overnight / NFO
  • Overnight early a.m
  • Overnight by 12:00 p.m
  • Standard overnight transportation by 5:00 p.m.

Same Day Delivery Broker Services

expedited cargo servicesThere are times when a standard delivery doesn’t go according to plan, an important part fails, or the supply chain breaks down. The reserve you’ve provided for in your schedule is depleted, but the shipment still needs to get to its destination. To get back on the right track, the first step is to contact Air Freight Service

Two circumstances determine whether Air Freight Service’ same-day air or ground shipping is right for you: how long ago you called and how far your shipment is going. If these factors coincide, your agent will arrange for your shipment to be delivered to the airport by either a courier company or a freight company with a crew of two drivers ready for a non-stop ride. In the truck or airplane, your goods will be your only cargo. You won’t have to worry about long stops to pick up and drop off other cargo when every minute counts.

We'll arrange:

  • Same day delivery by air charter
  • Same day delivery by scheduled airfreight
  • Same Day Shipping

Hot Shot Trucking Broker Services

expedited truckloadsAir Freight Service offers hot shipment services for large consignments which cannot be transported by traditional means and for any consignment of standard weight and dimensions.

Regardless of the size or weight of the shipment, we can provide a trucking company that will pick it up and bring it where you need it, on your schedule. You’ll work with a single agent for all phases of your shipment and receive prompt information on its status.

Air Freight Service uses the latest logistics technology so that your agent and the trucking company can monitor the truck’s route using the latest advances in satellite monitoring. If an accident, traffic jam or anything else that could delay the delivery of the truck is detected, they will have enough time to choose another route.

As part of Air Freight Service' wide range of services, we offer the following options:

  • Pilot vehicles
  • Flagman
  • Curtain Sides
  • Racks and awnings
  • Air-Ride suspension
  • Permitted loads


Airfreight Services

It’s clear that Air Freight Service has the experience, responsiveness and resources to be your premier air freight and ground freight brokerage service provider. Air Freight Service’ extensive capabilities allow you to rely on us for fast-track freight services.

Air Freight Service has developed a comprehensive strategy based on the four logistics pillars to keep your cargo moving and to keep you informed at all times.


Our strategy includes:

  • Comprehensive Tracking – We always keep an eye on your shipment, no matter where it is. Have peace of mind knowing where your shipment is, and with tracking technology, we’ll know if there’s a delay and work with the carrier to fix it.
  • Reliable Partners – Air Freight Service will perform a detailed analysis of each carrier and determine whether they have a proven track record of reliability and speed.
  • Comprehensive teamwork – our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

Air Freight Service began changing the transportation market by using the Internet and other modern tracking technologies to increase customer trust, convenience and quality. Air Freight Service is a privately held brokerage company.


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