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As an international provider of air cargo broker services, Air Freight Service pays serious attention to all your freight delivery services.

We give you an access to a comprehensive air and ground transportation system, providing you with the widest range of air cargo shipments without having to make extra calls looking for the best rates. Your cargo size and speed needs will be coordinated with the ideal air cargo carrier, eliminating wasted costs and reducing expenses. If the established deadlines don't hold up to a regular flight, your shipment can be transported by charter air carrier. will ensure delivery of your cargo, high quality and impeccable service - at any time, from the moment you call until your cargo arrives at its final destination.


A reliable logistics chain is the foundation for every successful air cargo delivery. Air Freight Service gives you this competitive advantage through experienced freight forwarders, years of experience, industry connections, the latest cargo tracking technology and an extensive network of air cargo carriers.

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As the best express delivery service, Air Freight Service, ensures the success of your shipments through the following critical components:

  • Safety – goods and finished products must be delivered in perfect condition.
  • Speed – uninterrupted delivery via multiple transport channels across the country.
  • Accessibility – round-the-clock customer service and detailed tracking information, regardless of the size of your shipment.
  • Convenience – request your shipment by phone or online with simple, straightforward instructions and affordable terms.
  • Cost-effective – transport your freight at no extra cost, using a wide range of services to suit your budget.

Air Freight Service provides express air freight, which gives us the ability to arrange for any air freight to be delivered worldwide or within the United States and Canada in a matter of hours. As a freight broker, we don’t maintain our own fleet of aircraft, but rather engage the services of many air cargo carriers, allowing us to get your cargo where you need it to go. This is the logistical strength and know-how that Air Freight Service applies in all of its services. We carefully analyze air cargo schedules and are well-versed in the world’s cargo routes. We scrutinize each airline to see if they have enough skills and resources to keep our customers’ shipments safe along the way. This critical business partnership benefits our customers through rates, high quality service, and, most importantly, by arriving at your destination on time with your cargo intact. No matter what kind of deadlines your client has, or how delicate the cargo is, we have the resources to ensure it arrives wherever and whenever you need it.

By Air

air cargoIf you’re interested in the confidence and peace of mind that our hands-on approach to air freight shipping gives you, let Air Freight Service do all the work. Our company is an expert in the field of freight forwarding. In addition to air cargo delivery, we provide comprehensive ground transportation.

We control your shipment from the sky to your customer’s doorstep, ensuring absolute transparency in scheduling your critical shipments. Meet your delivery and fulfillment deadlines by taking advantage of Air Freight Service’ air freight brokerage services.

Here are some of the brokerage services we provide:

We arrange: Regular flights

This method of same-day delivery consists of booking a seat on a flight that runs regularly between two destinations and delivers shipments to multiple customers. If you have long-term plans for your company, booking a same-day charter flight ensures that you will have consistent access to critical shipments from any point of origin. Regular flights are inexpensive, predictable, and operated by both commercial passenger and cargo planes from major airlines at most airports around the country.

We arrange: Next day Air Cargo and Next Flight Out

For the highest priority cargo, we arrange next flight out (NFO). Take advantage of any of these air freight options to prevent delays and keep your customers happy. If you need to deliver critical medical supplies or paper products for an international trade show, our air cargo department is ready to help. We perform air cargo shipments in any sector or industry. Contact our air cargo specialists today to find out how quickly we can arrange for your shipments.

We arrange: Air Charter for Critical Freight Services

By using our critical cargo air charter broker, you can handle all the complications of getting your cargo to you. We work with fragile cargo, high value cargo, time-sensitive shipments, and everything related to them.  This involves arranging one-time scheduled air shipments, emergency air shipments, and specialized storage methods. Air charters are optimal for extra-large consignments that need to be delivered on time in a very tight timeframe. We will partner with you to design and arrange the best air charter option to meet your delivery goals and follow every step of the way for your shipment. When you use air charter shipping, you get:

  • Unique opportunities to use the optimum aircraft operated by the carrier, suited to the needs of your cargo, from turboprops to jumbo jets
  • The fastest delivery method available.
  • Our experience in the industry enables us to find the right carrier with the right aircraft for your cargo.
  • Virtually no restrictions on cargo size
  • Round-the-clock access, support and service
  • Onboard courier or air cargo companion services
  • Our global logistics network makes it possible to deliver your shipment to and from anywhere in the world.

By Land

Air Freight Services provides the same excellent services, coordinated logistics, customer support and customer service that we do for ground freight brokerage and air freight brokerage. Make your emergency situation our regular business. We handle the entire process of transporting your cargo, from pickup to takeoff, landing and transfer to your final destination. All of our agents are very familiar with customized, efficient and overnight shipping solutions, as well as escorting and monitoring throughout the entire delivery process.

express trucking

In any shipping situation, the ability to choose and implement a plan is critical to logistical success. For this reason, the services of an overland freight broker from Air Freight Services are the best solution you need to get your shipment in place tomorrow and on time. Air Freight Services arranges ground transportation for your shipment using an authorized motor carrier, in a dedicated vehicle of optimal size, cost-effective, with a team of two drivers – only your cargo will be on board. Without any transfers or docking, delivery time is reduced, potential for damage is reduced, and your overnight shipment is tracked by GPS all the way to your customer’s door, dock or site.

From Sprinter vans to full tractor trailers, you can take advantage of Air Freight Services’ network of over 50,000 rush vehicles that are ready to ship nationwide. Vehicle capacities can range from 2,000 to 44,000 pounds, and decks, doors and beds can accommodate virtually any size cargo. All are equipped with the latest logistics to ensure speed and efficiency, and satellite tracking technology to keep you informed of all delivery milestones. Real-time delivery information and 24/7 customer support and follow-up provide peace of mind that your shipment will be received at the right time and in the right place.

For those desperately needed back orders, orders that shipped short, or parts needed for emergency repairs, Air Freight Services can arrange various overnight services including:

  • Overnight first available
  • Overnight early a.m.
  • Overnight by 12:00 p.m.
  • Standard overnight by 5:00 p.m.

If overnight overland transportation is not possible, the transportation company we choose will provide transportation to the nearest airport for an overnight air cargo flight to the vehicle waiting for you at the other end. If a commercial flight that fits your schedule is not available, your agent can arrange for you to take a charter flight from an air cargo carrier, with your cargo on board as the only piece of cargo.

Every day we work with a variety of shipping specialists and carriers who can safely and securely transport any size shipment. Most carriers are not limited by cargo weight and can move your cars, equipment and parts across the country, state or across the country. We’ll make sure your shipment is picked up, stored, or delivered exactly as your schedule requires, while helping you meet critical deadlines.

Having your shipment delivered on the same day doesn’t help if it gets messed up, so we only bring in experienced trucking companies with the right equipment every time. Whether it’s a routine city, nationwide shipment or an urgent expedited delivery request that blows a hole in your production schedule, Air Freight Services is your solution on the ground and in the clouds.

Wrapping Up

Airfreight ServicesSuccessful delivery is only possible with careful, detailed planning. We work with you to create a last-mile delivery plan so that same-day air freight or ground service is backed up by cost-effective options, whether your final destination is in your home, business or even in the middle of nowhere.

Choosing the right air freight broker is a critical business decision. With Air Freight Services, you’ll experience the trust and confidence that comes from a knowledgeable delivery plan and working with a dedicated agent from start to finish.


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