We arrange lightning-fast on-time and just-in-time transportation in Hawaii

Hawaii is a beautiful place known for vacation and relaxation, but that concept doesn't always apply to your air cargo needs in Hawaii.

If you can't find a fulcrum - or an island - for air freight in Hawaii, you're not alone: the state's geography poses a particular challenge to most mainland transportation and logistics companies. Fortunately, Air Freight Service is more than just your average logistics company. We fly to your schedule and arrange fast shipments, such as 24 hours to Oahu from any mainland destination and 2 days to any other Hawaiian island. We only handle heavy freight and commercial shipments that require deadlines to provide you with the best air cargo broker services in Hawaii; assurance of safety is included at no cost.

On Time and Just-in-Time in Hawaii

Air Freight Service, we don’t “expand” our air cargo brokerage services to Hawaii, in fact, we are happy to serve Hawaii with the same level of quality as our mainland brokerage services have for many years. Just as we arrange special flights through a nationwide network of carriers in the lower 48, our shipments placed in Hawaii or sent to Hawaii will also have a single contact person and carrier with an aircraft that perfectly matches the size and speed requirements of a particular air cargo carrier.

air cargoWhen you call us for assistance, your deadline instantly becomes our deadline! We always provide absolutely clear rates and honor our promises, allowing you to concentrate on other important aspects of your business or event. Don’t put your materials and products that require special attention at risk of being late: ships from the mainland can be delayed, and consumer-grade shipping methods simply don’t offer the same guarantees and assurances of satisfaction as we do, especially in the B2B industry. When you need your cargo delivered quickly, there’s no substitute for Air Freight Service’ Hawaii air cargo brokerage services.

Your one-stop solution for shipping to Hawaii

When searching for a shipping solution to or from Hawaii, it’s easy to get “lost”: you have to compare prices, connect services and lose sight of the big picture: getting your shipment there on time. At Air Freight Service, we can leverage the power of our large network of dedicated ground transportation companies, as well as provide shipping to and from Oahu and other islands.

This allows for one quote, one point of contact and one delivery to get your package, palette or other commercial cargo exactly where you need it. For overweight shipments, we even have our own local representative on the islands who oversees and implements all aspects of your urgent or emergency delivery. You’re guaranteed to receive the same high level of service, whether you’re shipping a set of materials from Ohio to Oahu or need special airfreight rates to Honolulu.

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Built for business

Rarely does location prove to be such a barrier to last-minute delivery solutions as in the case of Hawaii. While some companies take weeks or months to find shipping solutions, island-based businesses may not have that option. Preparing shipping containers and scheduling shipments takes time, which isn’t always enough in a time-sensitive environment. At Air Freight Service, we believe that shippers operating in Hawaii should have the same access to shipping solutions as their counterparts on the lower 48 continent, regardless of whether their journey ends or begins in the islands.

From up-to-the-minute cargo movement information to keep your company up-to-date, to one professional point of contact throughout your shipment’s journey, we make sure your shipment arrives on time and in compliance. Our brokerage services allow you to enjoy “Hawaii time” by overcoming deadlines: our services work according to your plan, period. Shipping to and from the islands may have been a headache for you before, but now there’s no need to worry: we’re always on call to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Do you want to see for yourself how much we care about our customers all over the country? Be sure to check out our customer reviews!

If you’re ready to arrange air freight to Hawaii or beyond with efficiency, speed and reliability, call Air Freight Service to learn about your air freight needs to Hawaii and how our brokerage services can help you. Alternatively, use the simple form below to request a customized quote for your airfreight to Hawaii: we’re always ready to work so you can “hang up the phone”!

* Air Freight Service only acts as a broker and arranges charter flights on behalf of its clients.  Air Freight Service DOES NOT HAVE ANY AIR JUDGES.  Air Freight Service DOES NOT WORK AS A NON-DIRECT OR DIRECT AIR FLIER. ALL CHARTER FLIGHTS ARE OPERATED BY THIRD-PARTY LICENSED AIR CARRIERS.

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