We provide Air Freight Broker Services.

We'll provide same day and next day delivery of urgent shipments nationwide.

Air Freight Service is your best source for air cargo brokerage services, with the flexibility to meet your changing needs. Using an extensive range of options that provide certain time, guarantees, and cost savings, Air Freight Service can provide reliability and professionalism for your air freight needs. In either case, depending on your individual requirements, you can choose transit time from the next flight (NFO), overnight or economy (General Freight). We will make a full evaluation of your cargo and choose the best airfreight rates.

Air Freight Broker Services

We’ll take care of any challenge you may have in shipping your cargo, providing innovative ideas for your freight arrangements as well as the means to develop and implement solutions to achieve your goal.

air cargoOur tracking systems and proactive customer service will give you timely information on the status of your shipment. These systems also give Air Freight Service’ customer service teams the tools to assist carriers in keeping your shipment on schedule and to communicate with you in real time.

Our air cargo brokers will be happy to assist you throughout the entire shipment process, from drafting your initial quote with detail and diligence to overseeing the details of the shipment from origin to final destination – your single point of contact will make the entire process efficient, easy and help you realize your business goals. We know there are plenty of air cargo brokers on the market, and we believe our attention to detail ensures the results you need, backed by air cargo rates that our agents research and confirm. When it comes to air cargo, we expect that you’ll want to use our brokerage services, and for the fastest delivery possible, take advantage of our air charter brokerage services.

For closer distances or when your flight schedule doesn’t match your needs, working with us also opens up access to our full ground expedited freight brokerage services.

Air Freight Broker Services

We arrange:

  • Next Flight
  • Overnight Shipping
  • Competitive deferred air cargo services
  • Time Definite Express Services
  • Consolidation and direct recipient service
  • Door to door and airport to airport service.

Air Cargo and Express Broker Solutions

We take care of arranging the best air cargo and rush air freight solutions with our great team for each of our valued clients. If this is your first time contacting Air Freight Service, we encourage you to read our customer testimonials.

* Air Freight Service only acts as a broker and arranges charter flights on behalf of its clients.  Air Freight Service DOES NOT HAVE ANY AIR JUDGES.  Air Freight Service DOES NOT WORK AS A NON-DIRECT OR DIRECT AIR FLYER. ALL CHARTER FLIGHTS ARE OPERATED BY THIRD-PARTY LICENSED AIR CARRIERS.

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