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The challenges of same-day delivery are real.

High costs, emergency requests, transportation control, meeting delivery deadlines and the availability of the necessary specialized equipment, employees and vehicles can create significant logistical hurdles that will negatively impact your business. Air Freight Service can help you meet these challenges by offering options and expertise to meet and exceed your business needs - every time. No matter where you are, Air Freight Service's same-day trucking services arranged by Air Freight Service will get you the results you need today!

We Arrange: Same-Day Trucking Services

The trucking companies we work with have more than 50,000 express delivery vehicles tracked and ready to go nationwide, so overland transportation doesn’t involve slowness or flying blind. From cargo vans and Sprinter vans to huge long-haul trucks, you’re just one call or click away and you’ll get a dedicated same-day overland delivery solution for your shipment. It doesn’t matter if you have a few pallets of material or need to deliver a much larger load, we can find a trucking company with a vehicle for your specific needs.

These trucking companies use:

Sprinter and cargo vans capable of carrying 2,000 to 4,000 pounds.

Small straight trucks, capable of carrying 4,000 to 6,500 pounds.

Large straight trucks capable of carrying 10,000 to 12,500 pounds.

If necessary, your product will be the only load on the truck. Now you don’t have to worry about lengthy delays associated with picking up and unloading other freight in a situation where every minute is precious.

For same-day shipping, Sprinter vans are often faster than covered trucks and semi-trailers for short distances – especially under 500 miles for loads under 3,000 pounds. All of Air Freight Services Sprinter van freight shipments are handled exclusively, allowing your cargo to be the only thing in the truck from pickup to delivery. It is loaded once and delivered directly to your destination. Sprinter vans are easier to handle than larger trucks in areas with dense urban or heavy traffic. This ease of operation allows for faster delivery of your cargo.

Compared to standard dock trucks, Sprinter vans are smaller and lighter, which reduces the cost per mile – up to 66% less than covered trucks, semi-trucks and air freight! When you need to deliver your cargo as quickly as possible and without breaking the budget, Sprinter expedited vans are the perfect solution for same-day trucking.

expedited truckloads

Hot Shot Trucking

It is our daily task to organize the transportation of customer’s cargo in a short time, regardless of the scale and urgency. Because of this, we often involve representatives of the energy, automotive and industrial sectors in the transportation of goods. Air Freight Service provides same day hot shipments for oversized freight that does not lend itself to standard packaging and traditional means of delivery.

There are no limits on the size, weight or dimensions of cargo – including mega-sized equipment, non-standard sized equipment, oversized and uncomfortable, delicate and fragile, palletized or under pressure. Our company will choose exactly the carrier that you need. Throughout your shipment’s journey, you will be able to work with a single representative who will promptly inform you of its status.

Air Freight Service’s Same Day Brokerage solutions include the most advanced logistics solutions, which allow both your agent and the transport company and its drivers to monitor the route of the truck, using the latest satellite navigation technology. If an accident, traffic jam or anything else that could delay delivery is detected, they have ample time to take an alternate route.

As part of Air Freight Service’s comprehensive package of same-day hot services, we can also offer the following services:

  • Pilot cars
  • Flagmen
  • Curtain sides
  • Racks and tarps
  • Air ride suspension
  • Permit loads

Arranging Same-Day Trucking

Air Freight Service, a freight transportation company, has extensive experience in providing same-day freight services. Our company is familiar with the difficulties and challenges of modern freight transportation. With a comprehensive strategy based on the four principles of logistics, we organize the movement of your cargo, and you are always in control:

  • Proactive planning – We study traffic patterns, monitor flight schedules, weather information and other details about each route to choose the one with the least chance of delay.
  • Comprehensive Tracking – We make sure your shipments are monitored, no matter where they are. We’ll let you know if there’s a delay, and we’ll try to make sure it’s resolved.
  • Reliable carriers -Air Freight Service carefully screens each carrier to see if they have a track record of safe and speedy delivery.
  • Well-coordinated teamwork – Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.

air freightWe Arrange: Same-Day Air Services

Usually, air power is the only possible way to follow a same-day shipping deadline. When your freight needs to be delivered by air, call the experts at Air Freight Service for options anywhere within North America.

We organize: Scheduled flights

For this purpose it is necessary to book a free seat on a regular flight operated by an air carrier carrying various cargo for several customers or to book a seat on the next available flight. For long-term cargo projects, scheduling airfreight for each day guarantees constant access to the necessary cargo capacity from any point of origin. Scheduled flights are profitable, predictable, and operated by both passenger and major airlines at most airports across the country. If your transportation schedule is too limited or too unpredictable to wait for regular or nearby flights, you still have several alternatives.

We arrange: unscheduled/chartered flights

For unscheduled day-today flights we will arrange for you to have your shipment transported by a charter flight from an air carrier. This flight is on a schedule suitable for you and will only call at one airport on your route. Although this arrangement is not ideal for regular deliveries, it is a very effective way to overcome the freight crisis.

For particularly important shipments, a same-day air charter is the best solution. Organizing a special order air charter will ensure the delivery of your most needed cargo at the right time. We will provide assistance in finding the best charter air transportation solution for your air cargo shipments, we will research information about the availability of air carriers, and then negotiate the best charter air transportation price for your budget. The cost of air charter transportation is determined based on your actual needs, in conjunction with the optimal air carrier and the appropriate type of aircraft, which guarantees safe and prompt delivery of your urgent air cargo.

A 24-hour and daily same-day shipping company.

We offer an integrated network of ground and same day air freight to provide you with the most diverse options for rush delivery without the need for unnecessary calls. We’ll find the best rates and carriers for your shipment. From the moment you contact us until the moment your shipment reaches its final destination, you can trust Air Freight Service to deliver your cargo on time.

Safety: Speed of delivery will not matter if your shipment is damaged during transit. Ensuring your shipment is properly equipped ensures it arrives in pristine condition. Safety is never an afterthought, either for your shipment or for the transport company we choose, and that’s final.

Speed: By arranging for your shipment to be shipped by the right trucking company with the right equipment, Air Freight Service is able to speed up and simplify the delivery process when you need a part yesterday.

Service: Customer service is the foundation of Air Freight Service. Contact your personal agent anytime, 24/7, before, during or after your delivery. We’ll update you on the current location of your shipment, calculate the cost of future shipments at no charge, and offer you multiple shipping options to fit any budget. Whether it’s a regular delivery across town, across the country, or an emergency rush delivery that breaks your production schedule, Air Freight Service is your solution.

Strategy: Our secret to same-day trucking success is a comprehensive logistics strategy developed through years of experience. We know well what helps and what doesn’t, and we continually analyze innovations in the industry to improve our customer experience.


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