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Airfreight ServicesAir Freight Services is creating a world where no company has to leave its logistics to chance. In today’s business environment, few activities are more important than transportation, which companies rely on both to get the materials they need and to ship finished products to their customers. Without reliable and responsive carrier services, no business will last long, yet many companies still depend on transportation services that are not reliable. Air Freight Services maintains the highest quality standards for all of its shipping services.

In doing so, we not only provide companies of all sizes with the new optimum delivery solution, but also show other transportation companies that they themselves have more to offer their customers.

Quality has several meanings in the logistics industry, and Air Freight Services strives to uphold all of them. First and foremost, we focus on safety, which plays a paramount role in the delivery of both raw materials and finished products. Customers can’t use materials that have been damaged on the road or in the cargo hold, and their customers won’t want to purchase defective or damaged finished products. By maintaining safety in all of our shipments, we help ensure that our customers’ businesses are running steadily and their customers are completely satisfied.

After safety, second in importance is speed, which is key to quality delivery services. The slower our customers receive parts or the longer their customers wait for their products, the more money and opportunities are wasted. To that end, we strive for maximum speed every step of the way, including both the main flight and the trips to and from the airport. By investing in the best information, tracking, planning and personnel, we are able to simultaneously increase both the average speed and reliability of our shipments.

Speed goes hand in hand with comfort, which means Air Freight Services works to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for customers to take advantage of our shipping services. The less time, thought and effort customers have to devote to coordinating a delivery, the more time they have left for other activities. Because of this, shipping to and from the airport to your final destination is included in the total cost of air cargo services. In addition, we provide a simple and straightforward payment structure, a convenient customer service department, and detailed shipping and cost information for every current or potential customer. With these solutions, we make sure that no customer has trouble choosing the most suitable service for them and implementing it. 

Finally, Air Freight Services recognizes that affordability is the key to quality delivery. In this regard, we attach great importance to customer service, answering questions of all existing and potential customers as quickly and completely as possible. Along with Air Freight Services, we have also registered a number of linked domain names so that our customers have instant access to all of our online resources, no matter what services they want. As a result of these efforts, we have become the most responsive delivery service on the market. No matter how far away you need to ship or what mode of transport suits you best, we’ll meet your needs quickly, profitably and reliably.

What we do

Air Freight Services is a logistics company specializing in air cargo delivery. Over more than a decade of operations, we’ve gained experience serving hundreds of different companies of all sizes and from dozens of industries. This experience gives us the ability to understand the specific delivery needs of each customer and implement them to the fullest extent. No matter how tight the customer’s deadline or how delicate the cargo, we have the resources and experience to deliver it safely and quickly.

Air Freight Services most often ships goods by air, giving us the ability to complete any delivery within the United States and Canada in a matter of hours. Without our own fleet of aircraft, we use the services of cargo airlines. We do a thorough background check on each of these airlines to make sure they have the expertise and resources to secure our customers’ shipments from start to finish. Once we determine that an airline is trustworthy, we form a close partnership with them. This enables us not only to become acquainted with the cargo schedules in detail, but also to charter new flights if the scheduled ones do not meet the client’s needs. Thus, no matter where the starting point and destination point are, we easily deliver our clients’ cargo by the set deadline.

Air freight doesn’t make much sense if you can’t get your shipment to the airport. And while many cargo airlines require customers to take care of it themselves, Air Freight Services offers to deliver your goods to the initial airport instead of you. We will also provide a vehicle at the pickup airport to deliver your items to your final destination immediately after landing. This way we cover the entire delivery process from the moment your shipment leaves the departure airport until it reaches its destination.

Air Freight Services caters to every customer who turns to us, no matter how unique or complex their shipping needs. Our many years of industry experience, knowledge of the latest technology and extensive network of vehicles and partner airlines enable us to complete even the most complex shipments in the shortest possible time.

How we do it

Successfully organizing freight deliveries for such a wide range of clients is a challenging task, but Air Freight Services has successfully coped with it. Over the years, we have developed a holistic strategy to ensure effective service for each of our clients. This strategy includes:

  • Proactive Planning -Air Freight Services is aware of the various sources of failure that can occur during delivery, both on the ground and in the air. Because of this, we think through plans in advance to minimize these delays. For overland shipments, we study traffic patterns, weather forecasts and other details of every possible route to choose the one on which we are least likely to encounter a problem. Likewise with air delivery, we track flight schedules so that if your current aircraft fails, we can find you an alternate flight.
  • Comprehensive Tracking – With the latest tracking technology, we constantly monitor your shipments while they’re on the ground or in the air. This gives us the ability to let you know the whereabouts of your shipment. It also increases the reliability of these shipments. Using tracking technology, we know where your truck or aircraft is if there is a delay, and we can quickly resolve the problem to minimize or eliminate the delay.
  • Reliable partners – when searching for air cargo airlines to partner with, Air Freight Services evaluates each candidate in detail, checking whether they have experience of reliable and fast delivery of various cargoes on any route. We carry out the same checks on the drivers who take your goods to and from the airport. We only employ drivers who are responsible, courteous and committed to safety.
  • Pervasive teamwork – Air Freight Services believes in the power of teamwork, which is why we form a robust work team to implement every part of the delivery process. For our trucks, we assign drivers in pairs of two, so that everyone has a chance to rest, but there is always someone vigilant and alert behind the wheel. Likewise, we have assembled a quality customer service team capable of taking your calls and providing you with the answers you need, no matter what you’re asking about. By doing so, we further enhance the security and reliability of our services and at the same time keep you informed of any information about your order.

In addition to ensuring the safety and speed of our deliveries, Air Freight Services makes them available to as many customers as possible. We offer flexible and affordable pricing, allowing companies of all sizes and budgets to work with us. In addition, we take active steps to raise awareness of our services. As an example, we have acquired a number of domain names related to our company, including HotShotTrucking.com, FullTruckload.com, ExpeditedFreight.com and SameDayDelivery.com. With these domain names, it’s easy for customers to search for our services online, contact us and plan the specific ground or air order they need.

When we do it

Air Freight Services goal with any delivery is to make sure your goods arrive on your schedule, no matter how tight and unconventional it may be. We know that every second you spend waiting for your order is wasted money, which is why we give you a delivery option:

  • Next Day – our basic air-delivery option, where you get your item by the end of the next business day, given that you’re shipping across the continent. For the vast majority of items, this solution is more than prompt enough to meet your shipping needs.
  • Overnight Shipping – If you don’t have the ability to wait all day for your goods, Air Freight Services provides an overnight delivery service. This service will allow you to have everything you need as soon as you walk into your office the next morning, so you can get to work right away.
  • Same day delivery is our fastest delivery service, with your order delivered within hours. This is simply indispensable when you’re out of some product that you just can’t do business without. With our help, you can get back to business as usual without missing a beat.

Air Freight Services will never make you wait for a shipment. We always check the flight schedules of all our airlines in advance, and if none of these flights are suitable for you, we will arrange a new, suitable one. Whatever the circumstances, you can always count on us to deliver your goods on any date you want.


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