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Because if we say your shipment will be there tomorrow, we mean it

Over the years, we have realized that one of the most critical principles of our company as a provider of delivery and shipping services is that we do not promise what we are unable to deliver. This is true particularly when it comes to our overnight services and other urgent solutions, as the stakes cannot be higher, and your requirements must be not just met, but surpassed. In the event that you need an urgent or other rush delivery, you need it to be done as quickly as possible. The transportation of these goods begins immediately. When you invest in overnight services, that's exactly what you're counting on - that your shipment will be received no later than tomorrow.

Our Overnight Service: Breaking things down

It only takes two days to get parts across the country to the assembly line before a costly and time-consuming production shutdown begins. You don’t have “three days tops” if you need to get the product you ordered into the hands of a customer who has waited patiently, but won’t wait forever. You need a guarantee that your shipment will be delivered overnight – and that’s exactly what we can give you at Air Freight Service.

Overnight Services

Logistics Specialists

Of course, not every situation requires something as lightning-fast as our overnight services – and that’s completely natural. We have plenty of more standard options from which you can choose according to your requirements. But if time is tight and prices can’t get any higher, we’ll do our best to ensure your shipment is successfully delivered not “if,” but “when.”
Once you give us a call and detail what you want to move, our team of experienced and qualified logistics professionals will get down to business and suggest the best route and strategy to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. In fact, your personal agent has most likely already started looking for routes and shipping partners before you even hang up the phone!

Dedicated agent

Notice that we use the phrase “dedicated agent,” and that’s really what we mean. Most of our clients have noted at one time that when working with other companies, they quickly became tired of being passed from manager to manager every time they called to check the status of a shipment. Often they had to repeat what they said, and it felt like no one was really “listening,” even though they said everyone was trying very hard to be friendly.

When partnering with Air Freight Service to handle all of your overnight delivery needs, we do things a little differently. A direct connection is provided with a dedicated agent working under your direction, someone who is happy to provide advice and help sort out any questions you have, and who will be at your full disposal 24/7.

Delivery Management Systems

One of the greatest resources we have to ensure your shipment arrives and arrives the day after it leaves is the innovative technology we’ve perfected over the years. For example, our delivery management systems are critical to ensuring your shipments arrive exactly when you need them. We’ve also used several state-of-the-art satellite support systems to constantly monitor your shipment throughout its journey – no matter how long that journey is.

At any given moment, you’ll be only a few clicks away from an instant, accurate, and up-to-date update on the status of your shipment. You’ll be constantly aware of how long it’s been on the road, where it is now, and what the estimated time of arrival is. In the incredibly rare event that your shipment should find itself in some completely unavoidable delay, you’ll know right away, allowing you to take all necessary steps to make sure no one is left waiting.

air cargo

Options for overnight services

In general, if you need to transport important goods not only through the United States, but also through Canada and Mexico in the shortest possible time, there are two main types of overnight services from which to choose: overnight trucking and overnight air freight.

Dedicated team of drivers.

When it comes to the first option, the likelihood is very high that according to the type of your delivery and the distance it’s going to take, we will send a team of specialized carriers directly to you no later than a couple of hours after your call. They will load your shipment into a specialized vehicle of the appropriate class and take it where it needs to go without any delays. These drivers will be able to swap with each other at certain points along the route to provide a single stop for refueling. Nothing else will prevent your shipments from being delivered to the right place on time and in full.

Next Trip

If there’s too much time before your shipment’s departure point and it can’t be shipped by ground alone, no worries – we’ll arrange for you a seat on the next flight at your local airport. We have developed relationships with many of the leading airline partners in the region over our decades of experience, and we will take full advantage of them to your advantage.

Air charter

If we are hours away from your next flight, or if there is not enough space on the plane to meet your needs, we will book a charter flight for you. This implies that the plane will depart on YOUR terms, and your belongings will be the ONLY ones on board. Not only will this allow you to eliminate the possibility of long delays, but it will also keep your goods from being lost or damaged in transit.

In most cases, your shipment will go through a combination of these methods, but that’s not a bad thing because, as the old saying goes, “everything worth doing is worth doing right.”

If you think that so many different options seem a little overwhelming, don’t worry – depending on the specifics of your shipment, your experienced agent will detail all the options you can choose from. They will try their best to make sure that you have the most complete description of which shipping method will provide the shipping you need, so you’ll be in a winning position at any given moment, allowing you to make the best choice, regardless of the circumstances.

Your Overnight Services Journey is About to Begin – Contact Us Today!

Airfreight ServicesAt the end of the day, another of the main qualities that sets Air Freight Service apart from many other logistics and transportation service providers is that we truly value our customers and what they represent. In fact, we couldn’t have achieved the decade-long success we’ve had so far without our customers, and that’s one trend that shows absolutely no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

We’ve only been able to build our reputation because we take great pride in delivering the results and services that people expect from us. If you need overnight transportation, know that you can turn to the best company that will make the impossible possible – and the only word you will never hear when you call us is no.

So if you have any additional questions about our overnight services and what they are, or if you just want to tell us the details of your critical cargo to start transporting it right away, contact Air Freight Service right now.


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