Air Freight Service is an international premium provider of express freight services.

Often customers prefer or need urgent cargo delivery using a dedicated vehicle or aircraft. They usually need help with commercial deliveries across the country, to Canada or Mexico. They need a premium but cost-effective rush delivery service where the only cargo on the vehicle is their cargo, which will be delivered as quickly as possible.

So who to rely on when your express cargo needs to be delivered from point A to point B safely and securely? When it comes to transportation companies and the urgent delivery of your important cargo, you only need to know one name and go to one company:Air Freight Service .

Air Freight Service : When you needed it yesterday 

Air Freight Service serves major companies in a variety of industries, including construction, heavy machinery, oil and gas, electrical, packaging, printing, chemical, engineering and many others.

With a nationwide fleet of more than 10,000 vehicles that ship within minutes, Air Freight Service provides expedited freight service throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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Why names matter when it comes to shipping

In fact, when it comes to express shipping and express cargo, you probably already know Air Freight Service by another name. That’s because Expedited Freight Company’s most valuable asset is its Internet domain names.

Why is this important? After all, isn’t express shipping logistics and coordination? Yes, it is! But if a customer has to deal with an urgent delivery issue that could cost their company thousands of dollars in revenue, possible sales or lost productivity, having a presence in the right place on the Internet is critical.

For this reason, from day one, Air Freight Service has built a strategic advantage that is unparalleled in the rush trucking and same day delivery services industry. Although the following are just some of the many online domains through which you can find Air Freight Service, each portal offers a common set of overnight and expedited delivery services. Each leads to a unique freight forwarder experience, service and customer satisfaction. With 24-hour phone service , customers can speak directly with a seasoned industry veteran to find out which express carriers would be right for their specific needs – or simply fill out the online form.

Air Freight Service

Airfreight ServicesWhen you need the fastest possible delivery of goods over long distances, air freight is the best choice. As an integral part of Air Freight Service, Air Freight Service offers a seamless network of air and ground transportation, providing you with the widest range of air freight options without the hassle of calling for multiple quotes. We offer comprehensive and accurate quotes that you can count on for any business needs or budget planning. Our team consists of qualified professionals who understand the ins and outs of air freight and are open to learning the unique needs of your business.

If your deadline is “dangerously close,” your shipment can be delivered by air charter, and for this purpose, each shipment is assigned a separate point of contact whose specialists can be contacted with questions and clarifications throughout the duration of the air shipment. The dimensions and speed requirements of your shipment are determined according to the ideal aircraft, which eliminates waste and reduces costs while ensuring maximum quality for your domestic air freight shipment. For shipments that aren’t as urgent, but are still important, you can resort to ground expedited freight services with the same level of support and quality customer service.

Working with Air Freight Service is more than just sending a pallet or box by air:

We’re an air cargo company that pays close attention to the entire shipping process from the moment you call, until your shipment arrives at its final destination.

You can count on Air Freight Service to provide you with air freight, high quality service, customer satisfaction and a long-term partnership you can count on.


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