Turn to Air Freight Services for our trusted air charter brokerage services throughout North America and around the world.

Trust our air charter brokerage services for your supercritical shipments.

Take advantage of our wealth of experience in arranging your most critical shipments in conjunction with our network of air cargo charter operators. Whether you need a critical part to maintain your production line or are facing tight deadlines, Air Freight Service has a solution for you.

Air Charter Broker Services

When your most urgent shipments require the exclusive use of your entire aircraft, turn to Air Freight Service for our trusted charter air broker services throughout North America and around the world.

At times, to meet cargo delivery deadlines, air charter services are the only way to get your cargo delivered as quickly as possible. We have the experience and everything you need to provide specialized air charter solutions around the clock to ensure your most urgent air cargo is delivered at the right time. We will assist you in finding the best air charter solution for your air cargo needs, research carrier availability and negotiate the best charter price for your budget, because for supercritical cargo, an air charter is the best choice. Our air charter rates are tailored to your actual needs, in conjunction with determining the ideal aircraft type and location to ensure your urgent air cargo arrives on time.

cargo aircraft charter

Air charter services allow you to cope with the constraints that standard air freight simply can’t overcome. We will work with you to determine the best air charter option to meet your delivery goals and monitor your shipment every step of the way.

Air Freight Service offers air charter and jet charter services, urgent air charters, international charters and time-consuming cargo shipments. We provide air charter and global air charter services with minimum size and weight restrictions, allowing for particularly large and urgent shipments that must be delivered on time.

At Air Freight Service you can absolutely rely on our team of air charter experts, we are capable of arranging transportation of any kind of cargo by air, including oversized cargo, expensive goods and much more. Our extensive network of carriers and round-the-clock operations ensure that we find the most suitable solution. Air Freight Service has the resources and expertise to book the perfect air cargo aircraft for your express shipment. All of the services we provide are accompanied by continuous support and logistical excellence throughout the entire flight.

We take great pride in our partnership approach and the quality of our team in providing superior service to all of our customers, and if this is your first time contacting Air Freight Service, we encourage you to check out our reviews.

Contact us today at (800) 713-1000 to speak with an air charter broker who will offer the perfect air charter solution for your urgent air freight. We are ready to help and ready to meet your needs.

Why air charter?

  • Unique opportunities to use the best aircraft for your cargo needs
  • Air Charter’s brokerage services for situations where only the fastest transportation options are appropriate.
  • Our practical experience will help you find the ideal air charter solution for your cargo
  • Virtually no restrictions on cargo size 
  • 24/7 availability, support and service 
  • Take advantage of our international network of carriers to deliver anywhere in the world.

Types of Air Charter

Air charter services are necessary to meet deadlines. It may be a planned special event or keeping production at full capacity in a remote location due to an urgent need to deliver a part.

  • Urgent air charter
  • Heavy and oversized cargo
  • Linear situations
  • Special events
  • Remote oil field
  • Humanitarian support

The benefits of choosing air charter for your most urgent shipments include;

  • Unique use of the aircraft
  • The fastest possible delivery
  • Remote dispatch/destination options
  • Complete flexibility in shipment
  • In-flight control
  • Concierge level customer service
  • Charter Aircraft

Charter Aircraft

Listed below are many of the most commonly used aircraft for air charter. We will find the right air carrier for you with the right aircraft for your specific needs,

Charter Aircraft


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