Our goal at Air Freight Service is to fulfill all of your transportation needs, whether your cargo is on the ground or by air.

We broker and arrange hot shot trucking for oversized shipments that are not subject to conventional packaging and standard delivery vehicles.

This does not mean that we only provide brokerage services for oversized and non-standard cargo, just that most of our clients operate in the energy, automotive and construction sectors; companies need to deliver engines, cars, pipelines, etc. to facilities that are usually located in remote, remote areas of the country. That's why our national and regional network of freight companies comes in, ready to pick up your cargo, whether it's a scheduled shipment or an emergency one; they'll arrive in a vehicle that fits its weight and dimensions.

A company of freight brokers at your service every step of the way

But don’t get us wrong. We are a company with extensive capabilities in organizing any kind of delivery, so no matter what volume or weight of cargo you need to move, even if it fits in a regular car, you can always trust our team of experienced agents who will ensure the delivery company, wherever it is, and will get it to where it is needed, and do it in full accordance with your plan.

Unlike some other logistics companies, when you contact Air Freight Service to arrange a hot shot freight shipment, the agent who answers your call will be with you for a long time, your personal point of contact, proactively keeping you informed all the way from the loading dock to your final destination. He or she is always available to answer any questions you may have and make the necessary arrangements.

expedited truckloads

Since organizing hot shot trucking is part of his day job, he will plan his next move almost as quickly as you outline your requirements. Within minutes of you hanging up the phone, he will find a transportation company with expertise in hot shot trucking to arrange delivery of your shipment in whatever mode of transportation your shipment requires.

Professional trucking companies dedicated to Hot Shot Trucking

The reason Air Freight Service can be so responsive is because over more than a decade of experience providing freight brokerage services, we’ve built relationships with trusted trucking companies throughout North America that have the training, experience and driving safety to meet all standards.

So, your trusted agent will be able to arrange to transport your cargo in any type of vehicle, whether it’s a 53-foot tractor trailer, straight truck, flatbed, or even refrigerated truck.

If required, we can also offer the following:

  • Curtain boards.
  • Racks and tarps
  • Air suspension
  • Permit loads
  • Flagships
  • Pilot Cars

As with anything else, we will arrange all Air Freight Service services so that your cargo never rides in the same vehicle as other customers’ cargo. It will be given only to your cargo and only to you. If the case is urgent, you can be assured that the shipping company we choose will arrive within hours of negotiating with your agent. If it’s a scheduled shipment, they will be there at any time and place you designate. That’s the advantage of having a relationship with hotshot trucking companies in all states as well as our neighbors to the north and south, Canada and Mexico.

Hot Shot Tracking

If your hot cargo has disappeared from view, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost contact with it. Air Freight Service uses the most advanced logistics technology that allows both your agent and the shipping company to track the truck’s route using the latest satellite technology. If they notice an accident, traffic jam, road service, or anything else that might prevent the truck from getting to its destination on time, they’ll have plenty of time to change the route.

Naturally, your agent will keep you informed. If this results in your shipment arriving late, he or she will let you know so that you can notify the recipient. Similarly, if this results in the shipment arriving faster than anticipated, you can call ahead to make sure the other end is ready for it.

air cargo

A winning combination: Our hot warriors on the road, trucking companies and their drivers, and our agents behind the scenes.

We can say with confidence that we have a long list of satisfied customers who come back to us time and time again when they need someone to arrange hot shot trucking services. But let’s acknowledge the credit where it’s due. We wouldn’t have been able to provide such top-notch service for all these years without the combined efforts of our professional agents sitting on the phones and running operations, providing impeccable customer service and our local, regional and nationwide networks of hot shot trucking companies with skilled crews of drivers who have a good reputation for honesty, reliability and the ability to handle both rush and scheduled deliveries of large equipment, wherever and whenever you need it, dos

air freightSo once again, when you need to transport oversized equipment to a customer who needs it urgently, if not yesterday, think about whether you need a company that provides reliable daily delivery services for traditionally packed boxes or pallets, but must puzzle over how to find a truck that needs your oversized cargo, and then pick up drivers with experience with this type of transport? Or do you need a freight broker who handles these hot shipments every day of the year, and has over a decade of experience organizing mega and oversized equipment shipments for the construction, energy and automotive sectors? If that’s the kind of brokerage company you need, you’ve found it – Air Freight Service.


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