Delivery by air is a convenient way to transport goods. It is chosen by many transportation companies. It is an opportunity to quickly move cargo to any distance, regardless of its weight and dimensions.

Air cargo services are actively developing and improving. Conditions are created for quick and easy processing of cargo. Individually calculated shipping cost for each shipment, taking into account the parameters. No unnecessary delays and waiting.

Consider three basic cases when you can’t do without air cargo.

1. A great distance for delivery

In this case air transport helps you to quickly deliver the cargo even over long distances. Where no other mode of transport can reach. For long transports of goods, you would have to use several modes of transport. And it would be very long. But in this case, one flight by air would be enough.

This is very convenient if you need to deliver goods to a remote country, to an island, to an area that cannot be reached by road or rail due to the peculiarities of the terrain. There is no such problem for aircraft.

2. Bulky, heavy cargo

It is not possible to deliver large loads by other modes of transport. There are no such strict limitations for air transport. They can take on board loads with non-standard dimensions and high weight.

Aircraft have a high carrying capacity. Therefore they can take on board a large number of various goods.

Of course, cargo transportation by air transport has its own peculiarities. Cargo must be properly placed in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. The cargo must be properly packaged and secured. During the flight, it must not move. If there are sharp edges, they must be covered with special protection. Fragile goods must have a special marking.

It is important that the cargo in this case does not succumb to various influences: shaking, strong vibration, accidental falls. In other modes of transport it happens quite often and the cargo is damaged to some extent. Therefore, the safety of cargo during air transportation is quite high.

3. Fast delivery

This is especially true for perishable goods, valuable and important documents and correspondence. Instead of several days the cargo can be delivered in a few hours.

Many large cities all over the world have airports, which means that geography of deliveries by air transport is very wide. Deliveries may have to be adjusted to the schedule of flights in the right direction. However, there may also be charter flights that can be used to deliver the shipment.

Many may note that air delivery is quite expensive. However, the cost of such delivery definitely pays off in terms of speed and quality. This is very convenient for many transportation companies, because it is possible to organize fast delivery of cargo around the world. The choice in favor of air cargo transportation is a choice in favor of fast and efficient work.

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