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IATA has changed its forecasts for airline profitability and air cargo growth in 2023 in a positive direction. The news was very optimistic, both in terms of projected results for 2023 and in terms of new projections for this year. Airlines are expected to increase significantly this year, with air cargo growth projected to reach.

Kalitta Charters is retooling the 737-400 for air cargo. The Ypsilanti, Michigan-based company is converting the aircraft by Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. in Midland City, Alabama.

McDonalds blames the shortage of fries on congestion at West Coast ports. More than 100 locations in South America can sell you a hamburger but not provide the famous fries to your meal because of distribution problems. According to the Washington Post, in order to get the fries in stock as soon as possible, air freight is now being discussed!

Same Day Air

Qatar Airways intends to become a bigger player in the rapidly growing air cargo market in the Middle East. They just completed a $1.24 billion order from Boeing for four 777 Freighter aircraft. The airline’s fleet currently consists of 37 Boeing 777-300ERs (Extended Range) and 777-200LRs (Longer Range) as well as seven 777 Freighters. For more information, visit money.cnn.

Speaking of the Middle East, carriers in the region recorded a staggering 12.9 percent increase in freight ton-kilometers (FTK) and a 17.1 percent increase in throughput in November, according to recent data. More information is available at TradeArabia.com,

UPS announced the addition of UPS Worldwide Express Freight™ service in 12 new origin countries and nine new destination countries. Added origin countries: Chile, Greece, Indonesia, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Turkey and Vietnam. Added destinations: Chile, Indonesia, Israel, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Vietnam. Read the full article at marketwatch.com,

Finally, a great article on the future of the Boeing-747, especially for air cargo. A really interesting article from the Motley Fool explores how a combination of lower oil prices and difficulties with space availability at some of the world’s busiest airports could help the classic plane stay in production for a few more years.

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