Delivery by air is the optimal way to transport various cargoes to any distance. It is actively used by many companies as one of the main transportation options. Let’s analyze the main points why air cargo transportation is profitable.

Why companies choose air transportation

  • Speed. Air transport allows fast delivery of cargo, even over long distances. Speed of delivery is especially important for perishable goods, valuable goods, correspondence and documents.
  • Delivery to remote locations. For example, where no road, water, rail transport can reach.
  • Suitable for all types of cargo, including dangerous and oversized
  • Ability to track cargo during its transportation. Allows you not to worry about the whereabouts of the goods.
  • Highly secure cargo. Guaranteed safety. During transportation, cargo is properly secured. In addition, the cargo is often insured, and you can receive compensation in case of emergencies.

For effective work it is better to combine air freightage with other types of cargo transportation. In some regions due to the peculiarities of climate and relief may not be available a particular type of freight. Therefore it is necessary to use the one that is most convenient and practical in a particular situation.

air cargo

How the price for airfreight is formed

The cost of air cargo transportation is calculated based on the following factors

  • Weight, volume, and type of cargo
  • Range of delivery.
  • Urgency. The cost of air freight is recouped by the speed and safety of the goods.

By saving time on cargo delivery, the company saves its budget. And it gets an opportunity to distribute cargo quickly, to work with several directions at once. Prompt and qualitative cargo delivery increases loyalty of clients. In this way a company provides an excellent level of service.

Main nuances of air cargo transportation

– Cargo must be packed properly: tightly and firmly. If there are any sharp corners, they must be covered with special protection. About the nuances of packaging is worth learning in advance from the company, which deals with delivery.

– If the cargo is specific (fragile, dangerous), it must be a special marking.

– Cargo must be accompanied by all the necessary documentation about it and its features.

For air cargo transportation it is worth choosing proven and reputable companies that have experience in this area. Be sure to ask all the questions managers to make sure that their service is suitable for you. Do not trust the safety of your cargo to little-known companies.

For prompt delivery of goods and goods companies need to consider different ways of transportation. Air freight is a modern way to deliver anything anywhere. Air shipping has many advantages that many trucking companies already appreciate.

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